The Seed Snatcher Seed Bank was founded in the Fall of 2010 with the goal of helping to preserve the genetic diversity of garden seeds in the city of Chicago. This is accomplished through banking seeds for annuals, ornamentals, native plants, vegetables and herbs that have produced well in our climate with an emphasis on heirlooms. These seeds are distributed among serious gardeners in the Chicago area who have agreed to grow them out. Each garden acts as a living seed bank and the gardener returns a portion of seeds from their harvest back into the seed bank at the end of the growing season. Along with the seeds each gardener will provide a brief report on the seeds they are depositing into the seed bank and the seed is listed in this Wiki for distribution. 

Members of this Chicago seed bank are available to host lectures, workshops and demonstrations on seed saving and starting plants from seeds. If your group, club, school or organization is looking for a speaker or a host, please contact us. Seed swaps that are open to the public is another tool the membership uses to promote the saving of seeds. Seed swaps are fun ways to get potential gardeners involved and create more seed savers in the Chicago area. 


For the time being membership is limited in order to grow the seed bank's deposits. As the variety of seeds (and their availability) expands more gardeners will be added who will receive seeds to grow out. If you're a gardener in Chicago who feels they would be a good addition to the group don't hesitate to contact us. Non-members are encourage to attend our workshops, lectures, demonstrations and seed swaps.  


Seed donations by individuals, groups and companies are appreciated. Surplus donated seed is distributed among seed bank members and new gardeners at workshops and seed swaps. 

Do you have a garden but don't save seed? Contact us about your interest in banking and sharing seeds from your garden. 

If you're looking for information on the web about growing, saving, buying seeds or starting from seed; use the Seed Snatcher search engine powered by Google. Only seeds companies that have taken the Safe Seed Pledge are include in those results. You'll also find many blogs, articles and websites dealing with everything seed-related. The Seed Snatcher blog is the 'fun' extension of Seed Snatcher. There's you'll find interesting news, articles and images about seeds and seed companies and updates about the Seed Snatcher Seed Bank. Subscribe to it via RSS or Email for information about seed workshops and swaps. 


The Seed Snatcher Seed Bank membership ranges from home gardeners, urban farmers, community gardeners to garden bloggers in the Chicago area. Members believe that anyone can grow from seed and become seed savers that play a vital role in protecting the genetic diversity of seeds. We value gardens (all of them) parks, open green spaces and community gardens in our City. We find beauty in the "ugly" fruits and flowers that don't live up to the exacting standards of mass production in the gardening industry.